Getting a new ductless mini split to put in my bedroom

My home office is pretty sizzling at night so I think I am going to buy a ductless mini split AC device to help keep me cool.

  • I have a ceiling fan in the room however it pretty much just blows overheated air onto me when I am trying to sleep.

I think they sell them at the local corporation for about $200 so I may just shoot down there today and grab one. I don’t have a lot of money in the bank now because I put it all in pear stock, which took a dive lately and seems to be in the perfect spot for buyers to appreciate me. But I think I can swing paying for a small portable a/c because sleep is absolutely essential for fine health. I am in a home office which faces the afternoon light which heats the room up absolutely swiftly in the afternoon. I also need to wear an eye mask because it is as bright as a doctor’s office here in the afternoon. I’m going to ask my stepDad if she can lower the smart thermostat to 80 F at night so I can sleep better, however if she can’t then every one of us is going to run down to the local corporation and buy a small fan first before buying the portable AC unit. I think I can get a fan for about $20, which will greatly enhance the quality of my sleep, so I may just buy one anyways to keep me cooler. I don’t want my stepDad to have to spend more money for air conditioning while I am staying here.

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