I fee; that My resume is great

Currently I am an out of work heating & a/c specialist. I was laid off from the heat & cooling system company that I used to work for. However, I am pretty confident I will be able to get another work with a heating & a/c provider in no time. Because our HVAC resume is really strong thanks to my acquaintance who did it up for me. It lists in detail all of our heating & a/c experience over the years. And let me tell you that I have a lot! From finally working as an independent heating & a/c specialist when I was first starting out working for 2 odd heating & cooling companies. This is all what they look for when hiring on new heating & a/c workers to work in their Heating & Air Conditioning companies. I have three heating & cooling companies on our list to go in & apply for which I am going to do before next week. I really assume I will get hired within the next month somewhere & be paid normal rates & not that of a new employee because of our years of experience in the heating & a/c field. Then I shall see how it all goes & I hope it goes well. But in the event it does not for some weird reason, I will try our hand at being an independent heating & a/c specialist locally once again. I assume that the competition is weak & I assume how to play the game. The reason it didn’t work the first time was because I was too new and inexperienced in the heating & a/c business.


a/c worker