I got a very special treat

Last year for our 40th birthday I was so stoked when I got a good gift from our friend, then it was a portable space heater! They had known that I had long been wanting a new portable space furnace to set in our dining room through the winters to save a few bucks on our energy costs, and before I had an option to go out & buy 1 for myself, our friend got it for myself and others for our birthday.

I was particularly stoked about this gift, however the portable space furnace was sure a special treat.

It saved myself and Max from spending 76 bucks & it particularly had saved myself and Max money last Wintertide as well. It will do the same for myself and others this upcoming winter. It is quite incredible that portable space heating systems today can be this powerful. Back when I was a kid, portable space heating systems were nowhere near what they can do today, and you were very lucky if a portable space furnace could heat the washroom well enough while you took your shower! That is the major difference between today’s portable space heating systems & the older portable space heating systems. This week’s portable space heating systems are also so long lasting as well! So this portable space furnace that our friend got myself and others for our birthday last year should last a lifetime if it is similar to all the other new portable space heaters. I am again so grateful for our friend buying myself and Max this portable space furnace for our birthday last year. I am already reaping the benefits of it & will continue to as long as it doesn’t chop down on me!


Portable space heater