I love getting additional cooling with a ceiling fan

I just installed a nice giant three blade ceiling fan in our dining room here at our cousin’s house. The old fan was barely turning as well as I was tepid while trying to sleep as the cooling system vent was barely pushing air into the room. I suppose her air handler is too small for all of the vents in the house, either that or the compressor is not giant enough, however we need to figure out what the complication is so we get better airflow. I suppose I may need to contact the people who installed it as well as ask them why our dining room is so sizzling compared to other rooms in the house. It just seems to appreciate the heating as well as the A/C company installed too many vents in the ceiling as well as it can’t push air through all of them with enough force, however I am not an actual heating as well as A/C expert so I will just call them to find an answer. I bought a high velocity ceiling fan that is doing the job of cooling me down quite well, however I still want to get the airflow in the ducts laboring well. I suppose we cleaned the HEPA filter yesterday so I don’t suppose that is the issue, however then again it is unquestionably dusty in this beach house so maybe the filter got clogged up again hastily with all of the dust. I’ll go take a peek at it as well as see what it looks like, maybe it is riddled with dust as well as restricting the airflow. Looks as if this month will be an actual heating as well as an A/C plan investigation afternoon.


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