I told the buyer to clean it

The indoor air conditions inside of your apartment is often worse than the air quality outside, however allergens, germs, pollen, & dust end up inside of your apartment & they have nowhere to go after that.

It’s important to have clean air, especially in situations where your family has complications like asthma, dust irritations, or respiratory distress.

A buyer contacted me Last month to clean & sanitize her air duct. I recommended the woman that this was the best way to get rid of most of the allergens in the home. I also recommended her to buy some style of air purification system or air filtration system, but she did not assume that her budget wanted for either a single of those items although she did schedule the air duct cleaning & sanitizing. I made sure to scrub every nook & cranny of the air duct for the customer. I wanted her to be totally & completely satisfied with the product that she earned. A couple of afternoons after I finished the job, I earned another call from a buyer that got our name from the same woman that I inspected earlier that week, but this woman asked if she could get a free quote for air duct cleaning services. She was in the same neighborhood as the other woman so I agreed to a free quote & consultation. I advised cleaning & sanitizing the air duct to that buyer as well & she busy the repair for next Monday. Sometimes word of mouth advertising is even better than spending a fortune for a website & social media presence.


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