The AC podcast was so helpful

I listen to this AC podcast every single month, and it has some interesting guests & subjects.

This past time they had a heat & a/c expert on.

And I have to say that I l gained a lot more about heat & a/c than I ever knew before! It was truly helpful in terms of heating & a/c repair on my own central heating & a/c system. I l gained that I should get a heat & a/c program tune up & a check up every single season to ensure that my central Heating & Air Conditioning program is fully ready for any severe weather. I also heard that getting my ductwork cleaned at least once a year is also helpful to extending the life of my central heater & a/c unit. This heat & a/c expert that was on the podcast was truly helpful for me. I am going to call my local heat & a/c supplier on Sunday to request that they send out a certified heat & a/c specialist to disinfect the ductwork of my central heater & a/c program unit. I already recently had a Heating & Air Conditioning tune up & check up, so I can skip that until the fall comes as it is the beginning of summer time right now. I really am grateful for the heat & a/c expert who was on this podcast. If I had missed it, I would not suppose the more info about heating & a/c that I l gained & may have had more issues in future as a result!

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