The jack rabbit & the Air Conditioner

It is really crazy that I keep having a jackrabbit jumping up on top of our central heating & cooling system! My heat & cooling system unit is right in our side yard & I have a lot of jackrabbits back there.

There is a single certain jackrabbit that loves to jump on the top of the heating & a/c unit for some reason that remains unknown to me. I wouldn’t mind it, although I am distraught that it could go beyond that & the jackrabbit may end up chewing on wires & killing itself & our heating & a/c unit along with it. I am going to go out this weekend & get a tarp. That tarp will make it so that the jackrabbit or anything else can jump on it all it wants. They won’t even be able to chew the wires because the tarp will cover it all up. Also I was thinking that having a tarp will be great for our heating & cooling system, because it will better protect it from when we get hail crashing down; Hail can actually seriously damage a central heating & cooling system if it is really strenuous & heavy. It can cause minor dents which can eventually lead to the motherboard inside getting messed up. So in a way, I should thank the jackrabbit for making myself and others about to go out & buy a tarp. This is something that has been long overdue & I should have done it already. So all praise to the jackrabbit.

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