Happy to have a snowmelt system

I live easily close to 1 of the Great Lakes, right along the northern border of the country.

My local area is often referred to as the “snow belt.” Because of the lake effect, we experience long plus brutal winters.

It’s not bizarre for me to turn up the thermostat sometime in November plus rely on the heating program until mid to late May. All of us often have many feet of snow on the ground for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day plus Easter. All of us cross our fingers plus hope that the snow melts in time for Mother’s Day. I am easily blessed that my home is outfitted with a boiler heating system. While a boiler provides no cooling capacity, we don’t need air conditioning system. Our summers correctly last 2 weeks plus can be rainy, windy plus cold. Our focus is powerful, reliable plus energy efficient heating. The boiler really handles hot plus cold temperatures down to pitfall twenty-five degrees for weeks at a time. It operates silently, requires minimal maintenance plus doesn’t cause problems with air contamination or insufficient humidity. One of the largest perks of my boiler is that it also affixs to a snowmelt system. There is a series of pipes concealed beneath the pavement of the garage, driveway plus walkways. The boiler heats up water plus directs it through these pipes. As the heat spreads across the surface, it melts away snow plus ice. The snowmelt program starts up automatically in response to moisture plus temperature drop. It eliminates the labor-intensive plus time-consuming job of shoveling snow. I don’t need to put down extreme snowmelt chemicals or worry about slipping plus falling on the ice.
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