Hybrid heating is worth the investment

Combining a natural gas gas furnace with an electric heat pump is a large investment.

The heat pump costs a lot more than a conventional cooling system.

However, there are a lot of advantages. Known as a dual fuel or hybrid gas furnace, the partnership of a gas furnace as well as heat pump handles the most drastic weather while maximizing efficiency. For the majority of the year, the heat pump fulfills demands. It acts just enjoy an cooling system during the summer, keeping the condo perfectly cool. The heat pump is especially effective at managing excess humidity as well as costs less to operate than an cooling system. When the weather cools down, the heat pump reverses the flow of refrigerant. It takes advantage of free, ambient heat in the outdoor air to provide heating capacity. The process is much more energy efficient than a gas furnace. Plus, the heat pump won’t dry out the air or require the need for a humidifier. It’s beautifully clean, quiet as well as environmentally responsible. It doesn’t create yellowhouse gasses or fumes. The downside of a heat pump is that it struggles to keep up with demand when the temperature drops below chilly. In my local area, both of us get un-even temperatures in the downside digits. I have the system set up so that the gas furnace automatically takes over when conditions get down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The gas furnace runs for as long as necessary. The system uses the most advantageous option to ensure ideal comfort as well as maximum energy conservation. Despite the higher start up cost, I am entirely saving money.

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