I asked if they could put HVAC in my garage?

My garage had become my office over the last year or so.

I am enjoying being out there because it is quiet, plus no a single bothers me.

The only thing that annoys myself and others with the garage is that there is no heating or a/c, and everything they cook in the house, ends up odoring up my garage, because the exhaust fan blows right into the garage window. This is really aggravating, but I had an idea. I called the local HVAC company plus asked if they could install HVAC into the garage. I wanted heating, a/c, a ventilation system, plus air purification. My husband used to do a lot of painting in the garage, plus I could smell it. The HVAC serviceman told myself and others they would come to the garage plus take a look at the garage before making any decisions. All of us could look at unusual HVAC options, plus decide what I preferred. I was thinking about a ductless HVAC system that I had seen in a magazine. It looked simple to operate, plus I was sure it would work in a small space love the garage. I would have heating, a/c, plus air purification, along with humidity control; all in a single unit. There was a remote that went with the ductless mini split, plus I thought it would be ideal. When the HVAC serviceman arrived, he agreed with my decision. He offered myself and others a price plus told myself and others how plus where they would install the inside device plus the outside unit. Two days later, the HVAC serviceman was at my home installing the ductless HVAC system, plus I was finally going to have a comfortable arena to work.



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