I Thought it Was a Good Idea to Raise The Temperature

I decided to begin lake house hunting during one of the most strenuous times in history to purchase a house.

I didn’t arrange this, but unfortunately it was the way things worked out.

I saved diligently for a reasonable down payment and I told myself that whenever I had enough saved up I would contact a real estate agent. It just so happened that I had my down payment saved up during this deranged real estate market. After trying really strenuously and putting in countless offers on houses, I finally moved into my first new home. As a new homeowner, I’ve been reading a lot about general maintenance and upkeep. One of the areas that I’ve been really struggling with is that scary old HVAC system. I didn’t know anything about heating and cooling systems or how they worked, or how much maintenance went into running them efficiently. But during my first month of residing in this house, the group of us in the home experienced a significant drop in temperature and I thought it was a nice idea to raise the temperature on the control unit. In my mind, the control unit needed to be set higher in order to combat the cold uneven temperatures. l started getting the feeling that this was a horrible idea because my lake house was already warm! All I did was make my oil furnace run extra strenuously and cause stress on my poor little HVAC system, not to mention that I warmed my lake house and I was forced to open a few doors and windows to let the heat escape. I still don’t really know that much about heating, ventilation, and A/C systems, but I bet that raising the temperature on the control unit when the temperature outside is cooler is not the answer.


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