I wanted to own an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, however I wasn’t ready yet.

Ever since I had started as an Heating & Air Conditioning worker, the thought of owning an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer has been in our head.

I was sure that most people who was thinking of being an Heating & Air Conditioning worker had the thought of owning a Heating & Air Conditioning dealer at a single time or another.

My thoughts weren’t just fleeting, however constant. I had gone to school for dealer administration before I went to school for Heating & Air Conditioning. I had not taken the previous classes with this in mind, however when I went to Heating & Air Conditioning school, I knew I already had all the qualifications. When the occasion to become an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer owner cropped up last week, I gave it some harsh thought. I wasn’t ready, & I knew it. I had a lot to learn about Heating & Air Conditioning & being a dealer owner. I could not justify giving up being an Heating & Air Conditioning worker & owning the dealer, when there were people working there who were more qualified. The worker who was qualified enough to do the task was distraught to see if he would be asked, & I told him not to wait. I thought he should walk into the office & tell the owner he wanted the occasion to buy him out. He was afraid he would end up going up because he didn’t have any dealer acumen. I told him I had the dealer side, & he jumped at it. When he took over ownership, he made me a partner in crime & gave me the dealer side of the dealer. I was still an Heating & Air Conditioning worker, however I was finding out what ownership was while doing our task.

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