I’m afraid I’ll still be waiting for the HVAC technician when it gets cold.

This year, the HVAC company has been very lax with sending HVAC technicians to the house.

  • I didn’t know if they were short on HVAC technicians,or on good HVAC techs.

We had to wait almost a week until they had an HVAC technician to the house to get our air conditioning unit running. We went over a week without air conditioning, and it was in the nineties every day. I asked my husband if he thought we should call another local HVAC company, but he said no. We had been using the same company since we moved into the area, and he didn’t want to change who we worked with. He liked the guys that showed up to work on the HVAC system. They were like friends and he often stopped at a bar and one of them would be there.. We went to dinner with two of the HVAC technicians and their wives. I told him that if we changed HVAC companies, they wouldn’t change who they were. He said they would be denying our loyalty to their company if they still fraternized with us when we quit using their company. I couldn’t believe my husband was this narrow minded. This had to do with business and not friendship. They weren’t the ones who wouldn’t come to our house, but it was the dispatcher who didn’t know how to handle work orders and get them completed expeditiously. If I thought they would hire me, I would offer to do the job, and the business would run much more smoothly, but the owner wouldn’t fire his mother.



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