It’s not even October but I’m set to save on HVAC heating this winter

But this year, I really out did myself.

This is just so out of character for me. Not only did I do what I said I was going to do finally but, I did it well before my self imposed deadline. We live in a region where the winter is fierce and the temps can go months without getting much above freezing if at all. So of course, we have to rely on the gas furnace to provide the sort of HVAC heating we need to not just be comfortable but to survive. And our house is on the older side. While structurally built to the point that it will outlast all of us, it wasn’t exactly tight. We’ve been here now eight years and each year, I planned to winterize the house. This not only makes the house all the more cozy but it greatly reduces the demand on the gas furnace. That’s also money in my pocket as well. But I just never did it because I’m lazy at my core. For sure, I get it done inside the zone controlled HVAC of my work. Yet when I’m home, I just lazy. This drives my wife crazy and rightly so. But this year, I really out did myself. I promised that I’d do the winter prep on the house before the HVAC professional came out to do the HVAC heating maintenance. Nobody believed me. So when the kid went back to school, I went online to get the winter prep instructions from the HVAC company. Here it is now not even October and this weekend, I’ll wrap up all my efforts toward making this winter cozier and more affordable when it comes to HVAC heating costs.

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