Mother and father wanted someone who could save them money.

I knew my parents better than anyone, and they always had an alternate motive for everything they did.

When I brought up the subject that I wanted to be an HVAC technician, they stayed quiet.

I could see the wheels turning as they thought of every plus my HVAC job would bring to them. Dad asked if I could work on the family HVAC system for free? Mom wanted to know if I would live with them so I could be there whenever they had HVAC difficulties. I didn’t know where I would be living or working, but I knew I would help whenever I could. I didn’t think my answer made them happy. Mom and dad wanted to know how much the HVAC classes were going to cost. I told him I could get most of the money, but I was still going to need some help. Dad huffed and complained that I was eighteen and still looking for free money. I knew my mother and father wanted someone who could save them money, but nobody went to school for free, and if that’s what they wanted, they were wrong. I went into the local HVAC company and told them my dilemma. The owner asked if I knew anything about HVAC systems. I only knew how to change air filters and I hadn’t seen an HVAC technician at our house to talk to. He offered me a job and said if I worked out over the next year, he would pay what I didn’t have, but I would need to sign papers saying I would work as an HVAC technician for two years after getting my certification.

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