My car needs the AC repaired or serviced

Yesterday I was delivering Groceries on the app and I had six different places to go.

I finished delivering the third set of items and that’s when my AC stopped working.

I got into the car and turned on the power. The AC would not come on. I adjusted the temperature to the maximum setting and the AC still did not come on. I had a few more deliveries to make, so I could not worry about the problem until I was done with my shift. After I finished up, I started trouble shooting the air conditioner problem. I got out the book that came with my car when it was brand new. I looked at the troubleshooting tips and the guide. I didn’t really find any information that seemed to be helpful. I called a friend of mine that works in the HVAC industry. He couldn’t really help me with my car, but he said it sounded like the problem was that air compressor. He warned me that the problem would be expensive to fix if he was correct. The next day I made an appointment with a local business that offers free AC checks. The technician put my car up on a lift and ran the diagnostic test. The problems were with the compressor and I was going to need to pay a fortune if I wanted to remedy the problem. The cost for the air conditioner repairs are quite severe and I honestly don’t know if it is worth all of the trouble given the fact that my car is 25 years old.

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