When he says jump, don’t ask how high, but when you can land?

When I wanted to work for the local HVAC company, my dad started giving me advice.

He knew the owner of the HVAC company and he told me he was unreasonable and hard to get along with.

I didn’t get that impression when I talked to him, but I knew my dad. He could be unreasonable and hard to get along with if you didn’t agree with his ideas. I was wondering if he hadn’t been arguing with the man, which had him spurning the character of the HVAC company owner. I had already talked to the owner of the HVAC company and thought he was nice, but that could change when I worked for him. Dad said that when he says jump, I shouldn’t ask how high, but when could I land? I thought that was silly, but it gave me some wariness about working for him. When I started working at the HVAC company, I saw no signs of a character that would be like this. When I made some mistakes, he showed me what I had done wrong and how to do the job correctly. He was helpful and kind. I told my dad about the HVAC company owner and how he was showing me so much about the business. Dad got angry and told me to keep my eye out. He would show his true colors, and I would be on the receiving end of the man’s wrath. I saw his temper once, but it wasn’t directed at me. My father called and started telling him not to bully me, even though I had told my father no such thing was occurring. I simply shook my head and apologized to my boss, for my father’s behavior.


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