When you look at me, please look at my eyes.

One of the hardest parts about being a female HVAC serviceman is for my male buyers to take myself and others serious.

I worked difficult to get where I was at. In order for my HVAC counterparts to take myself and others seriously, I had to work even harder. When I was in class, I often had to tell some of the guys that I was working with that I would adore it if they looked in my eyes when they looked at me. It wasn’t that I was pulling the sexism card, or trying to call them macho, but I wanted respect as an HVAC serviceman plus not for my female body. After graduating from the HVAC technical class plus getting my certification, I was chosen to be an apprentice in our instructors HVAC dealer. I couldn’t think that of the 15 people I had gone to class with, I was the a single he chose. I had to admit that I wondered if he had not chosen myself and others because I was a guy, or if it entirely was because I was a good HVAC serviceman. I knew I had a lot of good qualifications, even if I was a up-to-date HVAC serviceman. I proved myself to be capable of doing the task, plus I must have also proven that to the instructor or why would he have chosen myself and others to work in his HVAC dealer? When I walked into the HVAC company on that first day, all of my doubts went away. There were numerous other female HVAC servicemans there to greet me, plus all of them had nothing but good things to say about working at the HVAC dealer.


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