An electric fireplace would have been better

The thing is, I know the wood burning would have given more heating.

When my husband and I were talking about getting a fireplace in our home, we looked at different opportunities including wood burning, natural gas, electricity and oil. At the time, we both thought natural gas would be the best option! Of course, I didn’t realize that there would be so much repair involved. we have to correctly check to make sure there are no leaks, we have to clean out the grate all the time and the windows for the fireplace too. We also have to make sure the chimney is clean all the time, and I remember when we were looking at the wood burning fireplace, there seemed to be just as much work involved! You have to clean out all the ash from the wood burning and have the chimney cleaned at least once per year, and you also have to burn those creosote logs. The thing is, I know the wood burning would have given more heating. For some reason, our gas fireplace doesn’t produce a lot of heating, at least not as much as I expected. Honestly, we’re undoubtedly thinking about having the gas fireplace uninstalled and putting in an electric fireplace! The electric fireplace would be energy efficient, would require minimal repair and cleaning, and I know it would work with a remote! Of course, we can’t afford to do all this work just yet, so we’ll have to save for a little while before going for an electric fireplace. In the meantime, we can just look at the different electric fireplaces and see which one we like the most. We want realistic looking flames and efficient heating!

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