Heating and cooling is a lucrative business around here

Around here, heating and cooling can be a very lucrative business.

That’s because it gets so cold around here during the winter.

The weather starts cooling off around the beginning of October and then It stays cold for months and months. It feels like the winter here takes longer than half the year. A lot of people don’t want to live here because of that, but I actually enjoy it most of the time. One of the reasons that I enjoy it is because my husband is a heating and cooling technician. Because of the cold weather, he is constantly out on service calls and emergency calls for heating systems and businesses and in residential homes. So I don’t exactly enjoy the cold weather because my husband is gone all the time, but I do enjoy the fact that he makes a fortune during the winter on all of the extra work that he does. He is never at a loss for business, and he is always out on service calls. He can basically pick and choose whenever he wants to work, and if he does after hours or emergency work, he gets paid extra. He’s basically just rolling in money from the time the weather starts cooling off until the spring when it starts heating up again. He doesn’t even price gouge or anything either. He’s very responsible and respectful of his customers. Just the sheer number of people who need help with their furnaces gives us a really good living. I think that we will probably keep living here until he retires.


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