Home gym isn’t temperature controlled

I am honestly fortunate to have a screened-in lanai built across the back of my house.

The floor is granite as well as the ceiling is ten-feet high. It is approximately twenty feet long as well as various feet wide. The area is ideal for a condo gym. I have an incline bench, mini trampoline, set of hand weights, yoga mat, jump rope as well as battle ropes set up. For the majority of the year, local weather is ideal for exercising in the lanai. I savor the constant influx of fresh air. The lack of temperature control becomes a problem at the height of summer time as well as winter. The heat as well as humidity for various months is brutal. With no fasten to the home’s a/c, the lanai becomes severely warm as well as sticky. Although I run a box fan at high speed as well as kneel directly in front of it, I am covered in sweat profusely before I finish my moderate up as well as initial stretches. It’s difficult to push myself as well as engage in high-intensity aerobic interest when I guess so sluggish. I try to workout as early in the morning as possible to avoid the heat of the afternoon. When the weather turns colder, the temperature drops down into the mid to lower forties at night. I am then forced to wait until the morning warms up before exercising. I dress in layers of clothing as well as plug in a small space heater. It is nearly impossible to get my muscles moderate as well as loose. I worry about injury. Sometimes my feet get so cold that they hurt. If the conditions on the lanai get too severe, I switch to exercising inside the house. Although I have honestly limited space, I am thankful for heating as well as cooling.

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