I couldn’t wait for the boiler to be repaired by a professional

It was shocking when our boiler system broke down on us this past winter.

  • We called for HVAC maintenance, but unfortunately all the HVAC companies were busy.

The first thing I did was get a fire going in the fireplace. Then I set up portable heaters around the house to keep it from freezing everywhere. I had the heaters around the boiler in the basement as well and I set up a working light. My wife said that I better not work on the boiler system since I was not a qualified professional. She said I could get severely burned or break something. Fortunately, I had a little bit of experience with boiler systems from back in the day when I worked some with my uncle. He needed a helping hand with his HVAC work and we serviced numerous boiler systems together. While it’s true I am no expert, I do know how to take care of these things. So I worked on the boiler taking care in cleaning everything out, there was quite a bit of buildup. When I had everything cleaned out, I suspected the boiler would run almost like brand new after that. Sure enough, the boiler system fired up right away. My wife said she was grateful that I was able to do that, but she asked me if I didn’t void the warranty for the heating system. I laughed and said that the warranty was finished long ago since the boiler was about 20 years old. It really didn’t matter if a non-professional worked on it at that point, so long as it was someone who knew what they were doing, like me.

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