I felt upset when I had to begin working from home

I’m one of those rare people who used to honestly prefer going into the office.

I loved to put on my most extravagant work outfits plus rest at my desk on the top floor of the building.

Whenever the boss told us at the task that both of us were going to have to beginning working from house about a year ago, I was pretty upset about it. I wanted to keep going to task in my comfy little office at my neat little desk that I had set up just the way that I wanted it. I always loved going to get Dunkin Donuts Latte in the break room in the afternoons, plus the fantastic buffet that they had down there at dinnertime was so much better than anything that I would ever make for myself at home! I also loved hanging out with my office friends plus having all of the office supplies right there at my disposal whenever I needed them to help me. However, one of the things that I did not care about about working in the office complex was the fact that the office employer was the one who got to decide where the temperature control settings were on the heating plus cooling system. It seems that he always did a disappointing task at deciding what the temperature setting should honestly be. I was always either honestly frigid or honestly hot. That was pretty annoying plus I’m stoked that now I do not have to worry about that at all. Now, I am the one in charge of the heating plus cooling system at my office because the office is my house!

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