I tackle different tasks without stressing too hard

This is a little piece of advice for when you aren’t feeling like working but have to get it done.

  • I find it best when I am not feeling well or motivated to get a work assignment done by doing it in a neutral non thinking & non judging mindset.

I’ll try to paint a much better picture. Imagine you broke a glass in your bedroom, and you could easily become miserable while having to clean it up, or you could just clean it up without thinking if you appreciate the work or not. My heating & cooling machine rep told me this little trick & I must say that it helps when not feeling exactly like doing something. You just go into this blank mindset & do the work without judging whether you appreciate it or not, & then suddenly, it’s all finished before you know it! I had to clean my air duct the other afternoon while hungover & it could have been an excruciating experience, however I just did the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C cleaning work without thinking & I finished it without feeling miserable. I absolutely appreciate this method & will keep doing it because it just makes doing work considerably easier. My neighbor who works at the heating machine dealership is always telling me how excruciating this or that is & it absolutely makes his mornings working for the local company a lot worse than they need to be. I try to tell him my method despite the fact that he just doesn’t seem to care. Some people just love to complain as much as possible I guess.