I Went Underground all Evening Working on the Town’s Gas Lines

All of the gas lines for the town are underground and in order to access the gas lines, you have to go down a manhole into the depths of the sewer system.

My first time working on the town’s gas lines was last week and I am still training as a plumbing worker.

I have many more weeks of training before I will be done and the training period has been really informative. I have l gained a lot of tricks and tools of the trade, as the boss shows me how to do it right and then how to do it suddenly. I was working with a guy named Jackie and last year all of us ended up underground working on the town gas lines. The two of us had to substitute many gas lines and it was hot, damp, and really uncomfortable underground. Every time the subway came through the area, dirt and dust from the walls shifted and I was worried that the tunnels would collapse at any time. I truthfully do not think that I will spend much time with the supplier if they put me on the crew that works on the town gas pipes. I have a pretty healthy fear of enclosed spaces and I was on serious alert that afternoon that I was working on the gas lines. At the end of the afternoon, I went to the beach house and drank a whole keg of beer. I felt as though I had been inside of a grave all afternoon, my nerves were a wreck, and I nearly had a panic attack just explaining the situation to my wife.