I wish I had not tried to fix the gas unit

I was basically just trying to clean the pilot light and the gas burners.

When we had the Heating and A/C professional come out to take care of the repair of our central furnace, I didn’t think about the ventless gas furnace in the basement. The gas furnace is actually the only heating method in the basement since the central heating system doesn’t attach to any Heating and A/C vents in the basement, we basically just rely on the ventless gas furnace, but lately it had been experiencing some complications, but I truthfully should have thought to ask the Heating and A/C professional to tune up that component too, but it just wasn’t something that I thought of. I ended up turning off the gas to the furnace component and took it apart myself. I should have just called the Heating and A/C contractor again, although I was stubborn and inspected the problem myself. I was basically just trying to clean the pilot light and the gas burners. Everything seemed to be in good condition, there was just a lot of dust buildup inside the heating unit. I was able to clean everything to satisfaction, but when I was putting the component back together, I cut myself on a sharp piece of metal! There was blood gushing everywhere and I shouted for my wife to get some towels and bandages, but when she came down to see all the blood, she freaked out. She helped me stop the bleeding with pressure on our wound and took me to the hospital. I was stitched up and even the nurses and doctors said I should never work on Heating and A/C devices without any qualifications.


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