I wondered if an auto detailing shop could get the skunk smell from my car?

I was on my way home from work last week, when I saw an animal cross the road.

I tried my best to avoid the animal, but I wasn’t successful. I had a choice of hitting a tree, a house, or the little critter. I was later wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to hit the tree. The critter I hit was a skunk, and the smell was on the car, in the car, and all over me. I went online to find out how to get the smell off me before worrying about the car. I knew my wife would not let me in the house when I reeked of skunk smell. I called her before I got home and asked if she had any tomato juice at home. I also needed some other things to clean the odor off me. She had everything sitting outside for me, and she even put some clothes in the garage after burning the ones I was wearing. The car was something else. I couldn’t put it in the garage, and hated to let it outside the house. I called the auto detailing shop and asked if they could get the skunk smell from my car, and explained what had happened. They offered to bring some skunk deodorizer to the house and show me how to use it. It surprised me that a simple spray could eliminate all that stick, but I was more surprised that the aurto detailing shop delivered it to me. I had never heard of an auto detailing shop doing that, but then again, they wouldn’t want my car on their premises any more than I wanted it on mine.

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