It Takes Five Weeks to Become a Realtor in the State I Live In

During the more than one year of the pandemic, there were so many people who lost their jobs.

One of those people was my kid Mia who had just graduated from university and began her work. She was so devastated as this was her first real job where she was able to begin her life as an adult. After she lost her job, she tried to find another job, but of course most companies weren’t hiring during that time. Sadly, she went through a period where she barely wanted to get out of bed. I felt awful for her, and I tried to help the best way I could. I asked her to come back home so that she could have the support she needed. Thankfully, she agreed, and it was during that time that she decided to get her real estate license and become a real estate agent. I knew that to become a real estate agent you needed to take a class and a test, even though I didn’t believe the process was as easy as it was. Typically, to complete the licensing process, it would take between eight to ten weeks in our state, but Mia was able to finish the entire process in less than 6 weeks. She was so gleeful because ,on average, real estate agents make about $73,500 in our state. That is a lot more money than what she was making from her other job, so this was a fresh new beginning for her, and hopefully very lucrative work. For now, she is working under a real estate broker and will do that for a couple of years. Her plan is to eventually become a real estate broker one day and move out of the house.


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