My neighbor was raiding my refrigerator

Two months ago, I had come home from work and found Clinton, my neighbor, raiding my refrigerator- a regular occurrence, as he ate 2-day-old lasagna.

  • I sat at the dining room table, sorting through my mail and having a glass of juice.

As we talked, I sliced open the back of the first envelope my hand took, the energy bill was in arrears. I was 2 months behind in payment, and the third one was also coming to an end. I also noticed that there was a spike in my energy consumption. When I showed Clint the bills, he asked me when was the last time I had my rickety heating and A/C component maintained, and since I could not remember, Clint called the heating and A/C provider the following morning for heating and A/C maintenance! Clint told me the only good thing I had going when it came to heating and A/C was the digital temperature control I had installed a year ago. The next morning the heating and A/C repairman came, and after inspecting the system, he told me I had to get a quality heating and A/C. The one I had was not energy efficient and was the reason for my high energy bill, and he advised me on what to look for in new heating and A/C equipment. A month later, I went to the heating and A/C business, searching for the best component my savings could buy. The heating and A/C professional told me about the new heating and A/C technology systems. They were from peculiar heating and A/C brands, and eventually, I picked one. I was happy that I would finally have quality help with indoor comfort. The heating and A/C installation was a morning’s work, that night, even Clint could not help but point out how my place felt much better.

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