She had a blast at the playground

It was so fun enjoying our daughter play at the new playground we built in our backyard.

She truthfully was having the time of her life whenever she would be out there.

It was impossible to get her to quit climbing up the slide, however at least she was officially having a wonderful time. It was wonderful having her play out there while the weather was still warm. It was regularly challenging getting her to come back inside the house though, usually she would want to play outside until lunch was ready, and even then she just wanted to stay outside. There were some summer afternoons when I had to get her back in the home for some air conditioning breaks, but we had some pretty hot days this past hot season, however we had a lot of wonderful times too. Up until recently, there were no problems with our daughter playing outside. She had to wear a sweater or jacket until we finally said she couldn’t go out there because it was too cold and windy. we could feel the winter months approaching, then fortunately, we had our heating plan tested and we have been utilizing it lately to keep heat in the household, our daughter was irritated about not going out to the playground for a little while, however now she doesn’t seem to think about it too much. She’ll be about to go have fun outside again when we get some snow. We’ll build a snowman and who knows, maybe she can still go down the slide a couple of times when she’s bundled up, but she’ll be having wonderful times for sure after the winter season is over! I can’t wait until that time where we can shut off the heating system.

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