So glad we got the combi system

My wife and I were recently speaking to an Heating and Air Conditioning professional about getting a new boiler system for our house.

  • We sincerely just wanted a new furnace to update the old one, but we didn’t expect to hear about such a good heating solution.

We learned about combi boilers and how they are able to cover whole-heating for the home and the sizzling water! We ended up going for a combi boiler with new cast-iron radiators installed throughout the whole home. The combi boiler is advanced with a built-in wireless thermostat which makes life so much easier! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to adjust the temperature control settings to the boiler from anywhere! Typically when everybody leaves the house, I set the furnace to minimal levels to save more energy. Of course, this boiler system is already super energy efficient since it has features for heating recovery that traditional boilers are unable to do. This makes the boiler system more energy efficient than ever and we love how we don’t have to worry about getting a new hot water heater, because the combi boiler covers that! Lately, I have been telling a lot of friends and family about this new combi boiler system, and everybody I tell about it seems interested in getting this genre of system, then honestly, with such good energy savings, this boiler system will certainly pay itself off in 7 years or so. I also think that with regular maintenance and care, this system will certainly last for 20 years.

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