The Water Drain was all Jammed up With Grease and Lard

Some of the worst sewer lines are in steakhouses, as I often have sewer line repair and drain issues at the steakhouses downtown. Most of those sites empty their grease down the sink and in the dishwasher and all of that grease and sludge goes everywhere. Occasionally parts of the grease and sludge remain in the pipe and as more grease and sludge comes through, the contents build up over time. Occasionally the contents can completely block the sewer pipe causing a backup. I went to a chicken and fish steakhouse down the corner from the commercial plumbing business and I was there for lunch when the manager called the store to request services. I knew something was up in the steakhouse, because there was quite a commotion and stir going on, everyone was talking in whispers and the manager was walking around with a dismal look on his face. My old boss called me on the phone to see where I was at and I told him I was finishing up with lunch, then he told me about the commercial plumbing task. I told my boss that I was really at the steakhouse and I figured something was going on with the plumbing comment because there was a substantial sign on the lavatory that said “Closed”. I finished my chicken and fries and after that I asked that manager what was going on and how I could help. The sewer line was jammed up with grease and fat and all of the grease and fat needed to be taken out in order for the sewer drain to run freely.

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