Trying the oil to gas conversion

For a long time, my husband kept telling me that we needed an oil to gas conversion.

She said the price of oil was going up too high and we shouldn’t have to pay so much money to heat our home through the freezing season, but well, I kept making excuses saying how there was nothing wrong with the heating plan and an oil to gas conversion would be costly.

he did the math with me finally and showed me how the cost of the conversion was worth it considering how much cheaper natural gas heating was. He said it wasn’t like we had to get a new gas furnace because ours would be able to run off of natural gas. When he laid everything out for me like that, I realized he was right and I had no solid excuses to avoid getting this job done, but I don’t even know what I was so anxious about, and after consulting with a local company, he said he could get the job done within the week, the cost of the oil to gas conversion wasn’t nearly as costly as I thought it would be either. And the amazing thing is the gas furnace runs better than ever. So far this winter, our utility bills have been pretty low and we don’t have to worry about getting oil anymore! When I admitted to my husband we should have done this a long time ago, he told me that I was hard headed and never listened to her. If he continues to have good ideas like that, I absolutely will have to listen.

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