A date with an Heating plus A/C supplier

I walked into the steakhouse with hundreds of butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

The reason for being uneasy was that I was here for a date.

The conversation with my date was lively. My date told me he worked as an Heating plus A/C supplier plus owned a heating business, he even commented on the wireless control equipment near the repair area, which I had not observed before, saying it was a easily efficient temperature control model. As we had our coffee, I asked him what funny things he encounters in his labor as an Heating plus A/C professional. He told me that sometime the previous week, a lady had called saying she needed a heating contractor to check her electric heating method because it was so loud it could wake the dead. The lady sounded so exasperated with the heating equipment that he pitied her. He sent an Heating plus A/C serviceman to go to her lake house for oil furnace repair, but when inspecting, he discovered that the electric heat pump had some loose parts that were making a noise. In no time, the heating device was producing only a healthy hum. The lady was so impressed by their services that she called a week later to commend them on their task plus asked which HEPA filter was compatible with her electric heater. She also asked for more energy-saving tips to help her equipment be more energy efficient. At this point, I was in hysterics because he unknowingly described my encounter with him. It was so funny hearing someone else tell the ordeal. When I finally stopped laughing, I let him in on the joke.

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