Busted hip

My mom has been residing alone for a long time.

My dad passed away 6 years ago.

My sibling and I were unquestionably distraught about my mom staying lake house by herself, despite the fact that she wasn’t going to leave the modern home unless she did not have any choice. In April of this year, she did not have any choice. She fell and broke her hip. She could not return to her home, so she is now residing here with my wife and I. All of us had to make some changes around the modern home in order to make room for my wife’s mother. Since she broke her hip, she needs a lot of assistive devices in the bathroom and the home office. She has a lot of trouble getting around without help. My mom complains about the temperature in the home office too. The home office where she is staying is on the other side of the house. All of us had to make room for my mom and she had to be in a location where she did not have to be sad with any steps. That part of the modern home is naturally warmer and my mom consistently complains about the indoor rapidly decreasing temperatures, last night she was talking to my wife about buying a portable air conditioner for the house. I do not suppose the people I was with and I need a portable air conditioner, but I am not going to say no if my mom wants to buy one to put in her home office. It’s going to raise the electric bill quite a bit, but I would rather pay the bill then listen to the complaints.

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