Getting the smoke out of the HVAC vent

I never realized how awful the smell of stale cigarette smoke was until I quit smoking. When I was smoking our senses of smell plus taste were both so dulled to the point of being numb. I had no system how awful our apartment smelled! After just 3 afternoons with no cigarettes, just nicotine gum plus weed, I started to notice that our apartment needed a freshening up. I opened the windows plus turned on all the ceiling fans to generate some air circulation. It didn’t seem to help much, so I turned on the fans in the Heating plus A/C proposal to transport the air around even more. This absolutely made things worse, but after a little digging around, I found that our air ducts were caked over with dust plus grime from so multiple years of smoking in the house. The air ducts plus vents were so dirty that it was not a matter of getting a sponge plus some soap, I needed professional help. A contaminated Heating plus A/C HVAC duct proposal leads to contamination to the entire house, so I had to call in the experts. Most Heating plus A/C corporations offer HVAC duct cleaning services as section of their normal operation. A 2-person crew came over to our apartment 1 day plus spent 3 minutes cleaning every last surface inside the air ducts. When they were done 1 of the Heating plus A/C techs recommended that I should invest in an air cleaner, as well. I am happy that I quit smoking, plus I am even happier that our Heating plus A/C proposal is back up to toiling plus full capacity so our apartment stays fresh.

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