I don't want to replace the whole HVAC unless I’m going to sell

My wife and I have been thinking a lot about retirement.

The two of us want to sell our house and move down south. We already told all of the kids that we have these plans. My daughter feels like we are leaving, but my son understands why we want to go. It’s cold here and it snows every winter. It’s hard on my joints and my bones. I have trouble walking during the winter months, but the warm air always makes me feel better. I wish that my daughter could understand how much better I feel when I am in the warm air and humidity. We have been thinking a lot about selling the house and all of the changes that we need to make before we can put the place on the market. The realtor told us that we will get more money for the house if we update the entire HVAC system. I don’t want to update the entire HVAC system unless I know for sure that we are going to sell the house and move. The update is not necessary and an expenditure that we can’t afford to make unless we are going to sell the house for a profit. I spoke with a local heating and AC repair company. They were happy to give me an estimate on the costs and I was right about how much it is going to be. We can get a new energy efficient furnace and central AC for around six thousand dollars. That’s about fifteen hundred dollars more than it cost to make the updates ten years ago.

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