I laughed when I saw the “new” furnace

I couldn’t afford a new heating plan for the house, and the heating and air conditioning worker was telling me I could get a refurbished furnace for less than half the price of a new one… But I knew it was still going to be expensive, although I wouldn’t need to spend all my money on a furnace! The heating and air conditioning worker delivered the refurbished furnace more than one day later, and more than one guy took the outdated one away.

I had to laugh when I looked at the new furnace. I thought they were giving me my outdated heating plan back. The heating and air conditioning worker laughed when he realized why I was laughing. The furnace looked just like the one he had recently removed from my basement! He told me it wasn’t brand new, however it was in excellent condition. He explained how some people would get a furnace and use it for a short time before deciding they wanted something other than a central heating and air conditioning system. The furnace and/or a/c unit would be cleaned up and since it was no longer new, they sold them as old and refurbished. This gave people who couldn’t afford a brand new furnace and/or air conditioning the ability to purchase a practically new system. I was grateful he provided me with a refurbished furnace instead of a used one. This one came with a service warranty for one year, and I felt more comfortable buying it. Not only did the refurbished furnace work better than the outdated ever had, although I felt safe knowing my youngsters and husband had a furnace they could know more securely with.


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