The weather is so up and down, I can have air conditioning on one morning and heat on the next

I live in the Southeast of the United States. The weather is generally beautiful here, and many northerners move here to escape the cold. Winters are usually mild and temperate, and it does get cold but it does not snow. Springtime is beautiful and warm. Autumn brings gentle warmth and cool afternoons, compared to the boiling hot, humid summers. So far, this fall has been all over the place, with temperatures. It started off with temperatures in the low 70’s with low humidity. I still used my air conditioner in the car, and my smart thermostat in my home was programmed. Then the temperature changed, and the afternoons would begin in the 40’s or 50’s and reach highs in the 70’s. I loved those days, because I enjoy cool fall weather. My smart thermostat turned the heat on when it would get chillier in the morning and at night. The smart thermostat turned on the air conditioner when it got to the high 70s. Last weekend, the temperature soared into the 80s and it got a little more humid. I turned my air conditioner on in the car, and my smart thermostat turned the air conditioner on as well. Due to a tropical storm, the weather cooled down extensively. It was rainy, cool, and windy, an extreme change from the weather over the weekend. My smart thermostat activated the heat in my home. Today, the tropical storm hit, but it was safe to drive at one point. I had to put the heat on in my car because my clothes were wet from the rain.

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