Without air conditioning, could the South survive?

I use my central heat sparingly over the winter

I lived in the Northeast for the majority of my life, but have lived in the Southeastern United States for the past ten years, and living in more than one part of the country has allowed me to experience different weather conditions. When I lived up north, there was plentiful variety in all of the seasons. Brutally cold winters forced me to depend on my central heating. I often used the central heat while in the fall as well. There were some springtime seasons that were colder than others; even then, sometimes it snowed! I would also use my central heat in the spring, if necessary! During the summer, I used central air conditioning, but it was not always necessary. There were some beautiful, cool summer mornings that allowed me to open the windows and rely on the breeze and my fan to keep me comfortable, giving a break to my air conditioner. Now that I live in the South, I have heavily relied on my central air conditioning. Every morning, I need my air conditioning in the summer. The heat and humidity are so extreme that I would most likely pass out if I did not have a central air conditioner in my home. I live in the northern part of my state, so sometimes the winters are a little bit colder. I use my central heat sparingly over the winter. Sometimes, I can get away with not using the central heating, but I use the air conditioner regularly in the summer, occasionally in the fall, and most days in the spring. I guess that if the air conditioner did not exist, I would not be able to handle residing in the South.


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