Coming back to find a mess in my ductwork

When I tell people that I went on a 2-month long vacation and traveled through sixteen countries, they always say that I was “lucky.” Lucky had nothing to do with it! I have been planning this trip for the last two years, while saving up the money I needed to take it.

  • Over that time I cut back on doing anything fun, I squirreled away every spare dollar I had, because I was so intent on making this dream vacation a reality.

Does that sound like luck to you, or like hard work? The trip itself was amazing, but returning home was anything but. While I was gone some raccoons had somehow gotten into an exterior air duct that runs along the side of my roof. From there, the nasty little critters had gotten into the crawlspace in the attic, and now they were roaming freely throughout the ductwork all over the house! Based on the amount of pitter-pattering footsteps in the air ducts, I guess there were at least 3 animals, maybe as many as 6. I called the HVAC service company to ask for an inspection, but the guy on the phone told me not to bother. The HVAC company wouldn’t do anything about the ductwork until the animals were removed. He gave me the number for animal control, and said when the air ducts were clear they would send someone out to inspect, repair, and clean them. I have to wait three more days for the animal control specialist to arrive, in the meantime I can still hear all the animals playing in my ductwork.


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