Getting creative with air conditioners

Nearby my parents home, just outside of their small town, is an abandoned motel, but it’s so seasoned that it’s really a Motel not a Hotel, no, I’m not going to explain the difference between the two – you have Google, look it up yourself! In any event, this place has been kneeling empty for as long as I can remember.

A few weeks ago, this seasoned motel became seriously helpful to me, but you see, I had started taking night classes at the local community school; They offer a program to prepare students for the Heating & A/C certification exam.

If you want to work in the Heating & A/C industry, you need to be certified or else you can do nothing but answer iphones & file purchase orders. The problem with learning Heating & A/C service is that it can be strenuous to find a way to practice. I can learn Heating & A/C manuals & learn guides, & watch tutorial videos, but until I get some hands-on experience I will never succeed in the industry. Air conditioners are valuable, & making a mistake while fooling around with one can cost a lot of money. Instead I got creative & I broke into that seasoned motel. There were sixty rooms, & every single one of them had its own air conditioner; Since the place was abandoned & waiting to be knocked down, it didn’t hurt anyone for me to use these air conditioners for practice. I went from room to room, taking apart the air conditioner & doing my best to put it back together again. After eight or several of them, I got it right.



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