Heating, Ventilation and A/C Compressors are Free Gifts for Crooks

I just found out that there was some theft in our neighborhood, which is surprising because this area is a pretty good place to live. It’s considered to be a low crime area, and though it’s not gated, the community is mainly working class families. Typically it is quiet, however from time to time you’ll hear kids playing and pets barking in the neighborhood. Besides that, there is not much going on around here. So of course I was shocked to learn about the theft, but when I discovered what was stolen I wasn’t surprised. There is a beach house in the neighborhood that is empty for most of the year, and the owners use it as a vacation rental property. Well, the heating, ventilation and A/C condenser is situated on the side of the beach house and there is no fencing or anything around it. Of course, this makes the device vulnerable to getting vandalized. Heating, ventilation and A/C units that are left in the open are easy targets for thieves who steal the copper, platinum, and other fancy metals that are found inside the outside condenser unit. These metals are easy to remove and can be flipped for a profit with honestly little red flags raised. This would be a pricey repair to the homeowner, however most homeowners’ insurance will cover vandalism of heating, ventilation and A/C units. Although I am still surprised that this theft happened in our neighborhood, at least it taught us a good lesson. Never leave the heating, ventilation and A/C condenser in the open, because they are susceptible to getting vandalized by thieves trying to make a quick buck.

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