I heard them yelling something about fire.

I was sitting in the house relaxing last week, when I heard screams coming from outside.

I could hear a voice yelling fire, and I wanted to go out and see if I could help whoever was in trouble.

I grabbed my jacket and went out onto the porch, but all I could see were people staring at my house. I went to the backyard and saw flames coming out of my basement window. I ran back inside and grabbed my wallet, car keys, and cell phone, and headed back outside. Someone had already called the fire company, so I moved my car so the fire trucks could get to the back of the house. I heard a few minor explosions and then smoke came out of the house. When the fire marshall showed up, he said it was faulty wiring going to the furnace. I was furious, because I thought the HVAC company had put new wires going from the new furnace to the breaker box, but apparently they hadn’t. I called the HVAC company and told them their negligence had caused me to lose my house. It devastated the person who answered the phone. I told them I would send them a copy of the fire marshall’s report, but it didn’t read like I thought it would. The wire was faulty because a squirrel had gotten into my basement and chewed a big hole through it. Now, I had to apologize to the HVAC company for blaming my fire on them. The HVAC technician had nothing to do with me losing my house.


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