I was going stir-crazy.

I loved working, but after I had my twins, I couldn’t handle being a mom and working full time.

Now that they were finally going to pre-school, I had time for myself, and I was going stir-crazy sitting at home all day. I thought about going back to my old job, but I wanted nothing that was going to be full time. A friend of mine told me that our local HVAC company was looking for a part-time receptionist during the holidays. I went to the HVAC company and asked about the job. They told me I could work from home and even offered me a telephone and direct access to their website so I could set up appointments. The orientation and training took less than a week, and I was all set to go to work. Even when my twins came down with the flu, I could still do my job, now that I was working from home. I enjoyed the job so much that when the holidays were over; I didn’t want to quit. I talked to the owner of the HVAC company and asked if they had anything else I could do. I enjoyed working for the HVAC company, and I didn’t want to lose my job. He asked what I did before having the twins. When I told him I was a website developer, he smiled. He told me he had the perfect position for me and showed me his HVAC company website. I had enough work to keep me going for quite some time. I enjoyed being a receptionist better.


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