Marrying an HVAC worker is not a wonderful idea

Marrying an HVAC worker is not really a wonderful idea.

I should suppose better than anyone, too! I have already been married to an HVAC worker several odd times! Periodically I can’t believe that I entirely made the same mistake twice, but I did. I met our first partner while he was at our home working on our heating as well as cooling system, and both of us really hit it off as well as the two of us started dating. Within a year the two of us had ended up getting married but it did not turn out well for us at all. He turned out to be a guy who drank way too much as well as the two of us divorced not long after that, however then one morning I was dropping some stuff off for him at the HVAC company where he works as well as that’s when I met our hour partner. He was entirely an HVAC worker too as well as the two of us started talking while I was waiting for our ex to come out of the back room where he had been working. By the time that our ex came out to talk to me, this up-to-date guy as well as I had already planned a date. Of course, our ex thought that this was a terrible idea, but that made me want to date him even more. I should have known better, though. Both of us dated for almost a year as well as after that I got married too. It was literally appreciate history repeating itself, though. Being married to this HVAC worker was just about identical to being married to the other one! I suppose they were nice enough guys, but they weren’t our type.