Our furnace crapped out right on Christmas day.

My partner Tom and I were hoping for a much better Christmas than the 1 every one of us had last year. All of us woke up in the morning to chilly cold temperatures both inside and outside. The central gas furnace had finally quite working in the middle of the night. Tom got out of bed, and slid on an icy floor. I had scrubbed the floors before going to sleep, and I apparently left some water sitting. That small puddle ended up turning that space of the study room into a skating rink. Tom fell and ended up in the hospital with a concussion while I waited around for the Heating and A/C professional to arrive and repair the gas furnace. By the time the Heating and A/C professional left, I was heading to the hospital to find our partner, then Tom wasn’t sure what had happened, because the accident happened so abruptly, and I had to explain it to him. This year, Tom and I are hoping the gas furnace works perfectly and every one of us don’t end up spending most of our Christmas holiday in the hospital. To make sure this doesn’t happen, Tom called the Heating and A/C supplier and asked them to do another inspection on the central gas furnace. All of us wanted to have a promise that our Christmas would be uneventful, at least as far as our heating situation. When the Heating and A/C professional told Tom we made a smart choice calling him, every one of us looked at each other. He said Tom and I may want to consider a current gas furnace now, because he didn’t know this model was going to last beyond the current year. Tom started to laugh and told myself and others I was awful luck. Ever since Tom and I moved in together, something had gone wrong over the holidays.



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