Something went through the roof.

I was laying in bed listening to the wind blowing last week, when I heard glass splitting.

  • I thought something hit the window, but there was no icy breeze coming from that direction.

When I heard the wind howling through the hallways, I was sure something had crashed through the skylight in the roof. I walked out into the study room and winced. A immense tree branch was coming through the skylight, allowing wind and snow to come into the house. I was going to cover the window, but I couldn’t climb up on the roof. I called our spouse, who was on night duty that week. When I heard the police siren, I knew she was on her way home. She and many off-duty police officers were crawling up onto the roof and putting tarps over the hole. I had to call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier because one of our mini split units had been hit by the branches and pulled off the outdoor wall. The Heating and Air Conditioning supplier asked if we needed immediate help, and I said yes. The electricity had been compromised. I had no lights, no heat, and the wires were broken. I needed help‌, and I thought the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier had to take care of the outdoor unit. She said I needed to call the homeowner’s insurance business, and they would be there first thing in the afternoon. Now, all I had to do was find some place to sleep that didn’t have snow flurries flying around. My buddy saw the police and the Heating and Air Conditioning professional, and offered to let myself and others stay at her house.
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