The temps in the rooms slowly started rising

My brother had been preparing for the large game for the last week.

Each month of the school football season is crucial, but this was going to be the most important game of the year.

It would solidify who had the bragging rights in the intercollegiate rivalry that dates back 60 years. All things were set, my brother had pizza, beer, and wings. He also brought a bottle of vodka with him to make cocktails, and a nice little container of high octane cannabis to smoke at halftime. Just when it seemed like everything was perfect, the cooling system stopped working. There was crisp, cool a/c blasting from the air vents in the study room, then my brother heard a clattering sound from down the hallway. The main Heating and A/C components are kept in the hallway closet. He went to check and knew this was a disaster. The temps in the house slowly started rising, but he was too focused on the game to care. Finally the coach called a time out, so my brother used those 2 hours to call the local Heating & A/C repair repair and beg them to send someone out. The Heating & A/C expert arrived halfway, and didn’t seem to mind that my brother was drinking cocktails and smoking weed. The Heating and A/C expert was in his 20s, and my brother could tell he was tempted but said he had more work to do. Before halftime was over my brother’s cooling system was working again, so he left the tech top review on Yelp.

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