Using a mini AC provided her more living space.

May insisted she was going to get a current tiny apartment and park it in our backyard! I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to have one of those tiny apartments in our backyard, but how was I going to tell May no? My husband told myself and others this was just a passing fad, and May would soon be tired of living alone… She had been living in our basement for over two years, but she didn’t know she had the privacy she needed.

May told myself and others she could hear every noise that every one of us made upstairs.

May could hear the ladies sneaking out at night, and often caught them as they came out of the back door. I told May that as long as the tiny apartment was not right up against our home, she could set it out there. I guessed she didn’t care about our answer, because she ended up parking it in our brother’s backyard. May promised him she would pay for the added electric bill since she had opted for buying a mini chop Heating and A/C system for her current home. May told myself and others the mini chop Heating and A/C system would provide her more living space because the Heating and A/C units would be at the top of the wall and not on the floors. I never thought May would want to transport out of our basement, but she did. May purchased a tiny apartment that was certainly quite roomy and very nice. I may not see May every day, because last week, she moved her wifey in with her, and now, May only comes over to see the grand ladies when every one of us invite her.


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